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The Benefits Of Our Turf


Whether you’re an athlete training for the upcoming season, or someone that enjoys functional fitness, turf can be your best friend in the gym. Artificial turf is designed for heavy-duty use and is extremely durable. It provides athletes with the ideal surface for agility training and can accommodate other types of fitness as well such as crossfit, yoga, and plyometric training. As well, it’s ideal for the development of agility, speed, power, and overall endurance. Knowing this, installing a turf strip in the gym was one of our top priorities. Years later, it’s now home to dynamic warmups, sled pushes, box jumps, sandbag tosses, and tire flips.

Artificial turf acts as a stable surface that adjusts to different weights and pressure. It helps members remain in their natural rhythm and prevents slipping during certain exercises. The compressed surface also absorbs the fall of heavy weights and assists in lessening joint pressure. During movement, the turf acts as a buffer to decrease the total impact and pressure on specific joints such as your ankles and wrists. The cushioned surface also prevents unnecessary scrapes on your hands and knees during movements like lunges and burpees. Overall, it decreases your risk of injury and is the closest thing to training on real grass!

With a 50 foot strip of turf in the center of the gym, we see it get used in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s the home to a sled push finisher, bear crawl races, or just somewhere to stretch, we love to see our members get their use out of it!

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