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Gyms Of The Future


Similar to every other industry, the fitness industry is changing and adapting to its new wave of users. Unlike what “old school” gyms provide, the next generation of gym goers want more. More equipment, more alternatives, more ways to train, and more accessibility. With this, we must expect to see the rise of smarter gyms. Although we can’t say exactly what this entails, adapting to these new wants are vital to the continued success of the fitness industry.

For starters, the old “once we get it we have it forever” mindset of gym equipment must be thrown away. Gyms that buy equipment when they open and refuse to upgrade because “it still works” will slowly lose their member base as members that search for alternatives will be met with no changes or upgrades to the aging machines. With ever changing styles of training and new equipment to match, gyms must rotate and equip themselves with the latest and best equipment to diversify their gym to fit member needs.

Our line of Keiser equipment has already found ways to replace weight stacks with hydraulic functioning, but we expect to see more. As equipment like this continues to evolve, machines with sensors to detect movement, count reps, and give data analysis are the next wave. These technologically advanced machines will allow a wider range of knowledge when it comes to not only tracking workouts, but programming your next one. They will help analyze your form and provide you with data that an old cable powered machine could not. As the new generation is eager to gain results, these machines will play a role in allowing gym goers to achieve their results quicker and more efficiently.

In addition, the new generation will continue to look for gyms with the largest amount of alternative training methods. One-stop specialty gyms will cease to exist in the wake of non-specialized gyms. Gyms that only have equipment or the means to train one specific way will no longer be as attractive as a gym that offers the space to be able to train in different ways. Having a few hundred pieces of cardio equipment lined up in front of a row of flat screen tv’s will no longer appeal to members, as their environment quickly becomes stale and redundant. At Premier, we pride ourselves in being inclusive to almost all training styles. We are proud to have members use our space for powerlifting, crossfit, boxing, functional fitness, and many more unique styles of training.

Lastly, as for accessibility, gyms will find themselves switching to 24/7, 365 operational hours. With every industry caught in a frenzy of changes, members now have more hectic schedules than ever. Because of this, most will search for a gym that can cater to their needs with constant availability. Facilities will no longer have 5am to 9pm hours, because they will find that a large number of their members will not be able to carve out time to workout during that time frame. Similar to us, facilities that never close will become more attractive due to their ease of use and overall accessibility during unique hours of the day. With the needs of the fitness industry constantly changing, gyms must continue to adapt and offer a unique experience for the new generation of gym goers.

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