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Acai Bowls


What Actually Is “Acai”?

Acai is a small berry-like fruit that looks similar to a blueberry. You can find them growing from hanging trees primarily in Brazil and certain parts of South America. Taste wise, many people describe it as a cross between a blueberry and a grape, with a taste that leans more towards the tart side of the spectrum. Beyond its taste, many refer to acai as a superfood. This is because it holds an impressive resume when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Some of these include vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. Because of this, acai is also known for its low glycemic and sugar levels which makes it the perfect food for those worried about their blood sugar. In addition, it also contains a lot of fiber which aids in its overall digestion.

What Are The Benefits Of Acai?

Just to name a few, acai benefits cellular health, anti inflammation, and improving brain function. Digging deeper into these, here’s a breakdown of the benefits of acai:

  1. Cellular Health – Because of the high levels of antioxidants, acai helps shield our bodies from oxidative stress which protects the overall health of our body cells.
  2. Anti Inflammatory – With the overall antioxidants mentioned above in addition to its pletera of healthy fats, acai aids in fighting inflammation in our bodies.
  3. Improve Brain Function -Acai has been shown to help preserve memory and increase overall brain signals which decreases the amount of toxic cells in our bodies.

Want to try this tasty superfood? We offer acai bowl smoothies at the cafe that are packed with acai, fruit, kale, and all of their antioxidants. In addition to its fresh-fruit taste, we also want you to throw in some add-ins such as granola, peanut butter, cashews, and chia seeds. With these, the added protein, and the acai itself, this super smoothie isn’t one to miss out on!

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