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The Ultimate Boxing Partner


Our BoxMaster comes with 12 individual pads to provide boxers with a real-life opponent simulation. Instead of asking someone to stand in and hold your pads, you now have the ability to come to the gym and box without further assistance. With infinite workouts and an overall design to reduce the risk of injury, our BoxMaster will provide you with an experience like no other.

Something great about our machine is that it has no required skill level! It’s designed for beginner, novice, and advanced boxers alike. While all levels will certainly enjoy its universal elements, the BoxMaster is also kickboxing friendly. Each of the pads are marked with a number tag that identifies which type of punch you should be using. For example, while one pad is meant to jab into, the one next to it will provide a striking target for your left hook. With the large amount of striking area, the machine allows everyone to see improvements whether it’s on your speed, power, or accuracy!

After seeing our members use our heavy bags, we had to take advantage of providing them with another machine to sharpen their skills on!

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