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Our Specialty Bars


Safety Squat Bar
The main function of the safety squat bar is just as it sounds; a safer lifting alternative. Our safety bar makes it easier for lifters with injuries or mobility limitations to squat. With the padded bar and the dual handles, the bar allows them to keep their upper body in a more neutral position in comparison to a traditional back squat. Even without any limitations, the safety squat bar is a great alternative option because of its nontraditional weight distribution. It can increase your maximum load by taxing more of your anterior chain and creating a more stable feeling squat, both front and back. Overall, this bar is a safer option for heavy squats, and can increase your capacity with its functional design and weightload.

Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar
As a specialty bar for deadlifting, our Rogue bar is designed with the intention to help perfect your deadlift. It has a 190,000 PSI steel shaft and a thinner diameter (27mm) compared to other standard bars. As well, the bar is a bit longer than most bars, stretching out to just under 91 inches. In addition, the knurl marks on the bar are cut deeper than others with no center knurl for optimum grip. Because of this, the Rogue bar is easier to grip, handle, and produces maximum flex for the lifter. Our Ohio Bar’s main purpose is to help you feel more confident in your deadlift through its superior quality and design.

55lb Squat Bar
Our 55lb squat bar is exactly what it sounds like; a heavier barbell. With a thicker grip and a higher overall weight, this bar is favored by most powerlifters for squatting. With a shaft at 200,000 PSI, this bar is more heavy-duty than standard barbells. With the higher weight also comes a thicker diameter. Our bar has thick-cut, deep knurling to make the thickness of the bar a bit easier to handle. At the end of the day, which barbell you choose is left up to personal preference. We’ve provided our members with both so the choice isn’t made for you!

Multi Grip Bar
This bar, with multiple different angled grips is perfect for lifters looking for alternate options. Our multi grip bar allows lifters to grip the bar in a neutral position in three different ways, both parallel and angled. Overall, this bar is a bit easier on the shoulders and their surrounding joints, both during the lift as well as the racking process. Some of the most popular lifts with this bar include the bench press, floor press, and lockouts. In addition, its unique grip allows for multiple different training styles and experience levels, so it is suitable for all lifters!

Buffalo Bar
Our Buffalo Bar is different from the standard barbell as it is slightly arched in the middle. Although it was originally intended for squats and bench press, it has become widely universal for other exercises such as lunges and floor presses as well. Its main purpose; to relieve shoulder, bicep, and back stress, is made possible by its curved design. It is also a great option for lifters who are looking to focus on form and strength performance while reducing their overall injury risk.

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