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We’re beyond excited to get our new Texas Strength Monolift all set up and ready for our members to use! With its installation date coming in early June, here’s a quick introduction into the world of the Monolift.

What exactly is a Monolift?

The Texas Strength Monolift is a squat rack that’s famously known for its use in powerlifting competitions. Its main draw to users is the fact that it takes the “walk out” out of your squat. In basic terms, all the lifter must do is unrack the bar, wait for the levers to pull out, and squat. Not having to “walk out” the weight allows the lifter to immediately brace themselves and go directly into their squat.

Why should I use a Monolift?

As mentioned before, the number one reason to use a Monolift is to get rid of the “walk out.” As hard as it is to “walk out” a max squat weight, the Monolift takes that aspect completely out of the process. It’s one less thing to think about and focus on before the actual lift. The second most popular benefit of using a Monolift is its added stability. Unlike some other squat racks, the Texas Strength Monolift has superior welding and material usage which makes it more stable than standard racks, even under heavy loads. It will never move, dip, or shift on you during your loading, unloading, or actual lift.

What is the most common mistake and how can I avoid it?

The number one mistake of first time Monolift users is to underestimate their transition. Although it is superior to a standard squat rack, the Monolift takes time to get used to and is not something to just jump into. There is usually a slight adjustment period when transitioning from a standard rack to a Monolift and it’s something that should be practiced before applying heavy loads. Without the “walk out,” lifters must get a feel for the new set up as it may require a change in position or technique.

Overall, our new Monolift is a safer and more efficient way to squat! We encourage our members to give it a try, but take your time and realize that it will feel a bit different from a normal squat set-up. Please feel free to ask us or one of our trainers for assistance if you have any questions. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the feel for it as we want everybody to enjoy our newest piece of equipment!

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