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Gym Etiquette


We ask that all of our members read up on, and perform proper gym etiquette. This keeps the gym atmosphere welcoming and also enables other members to enjoy their workout as well! While our members routinely do a great job of respecting the gym and everyone in it, here are some general reminders:

➔ Wipe Down The Equipment After Use

Don’t be the person that leaves their equipment full of sweat or chalk! We provide sanitizing spray bottles and towels for all members to wipe off their equipment after use whether it’s a cable attachment, treadmill handle, or bench. This is not only polite to the person wishing to use the equipment next, but also helps us keep the gym clean and sustains the life of the equipment.

➔ Put Equipment Away / Rerack Your Weights

While we’re on the topic of proper equipment use, let’s talk about re-racking your weights. After you finish an exercise, put stuff back where it goes; it’s as simple as that! Maybe it’s re-racking your weights in their correct placement, putting a barbell/dumbbell back on its rack, or hanging your mat back up on the hooks. It’s small actions like these that make the gym an enjoyable place for everyone. By putting away the equipment you use, it not only keeps the gym free of clutter, but also safe! No one wants to stumble over a dumbbell that was left sitting near a bench, because someone didn’t put it away.

➔ Don’t Block Someone’s View Of The Mirror

There’s a reason that our gym has a mirror behind its dumbbell rack – people like to watch themselves lift! Whether it’s to check on form, or just be your own hype man, every mirror in the gym serves a purpose. Regardless of the use for the mirror, don’t block someone else’s view! Sure you can walk around or in front of them to grab a pair of dumbbells or move to the other side of the gym, but don’t be the person that stands in their way. In an effort to reduce the irritation of having someone stand in front of you, blocking your view, we’ve hung mirrors on six different walls in the gym. By doing this, we hope that each member will remain conscious of others that are trying to use the mirrors as well!

➔ Let Others Get In Their “Zone”

There is usually some sort of mental preparation that goes into performing a lift. Whether it’s an internal pep talk, listening to your favorite pump up song, or clearing your thoughts, everyone has a routine. That being said, if you notice someone about to start their lift, please let them finish! There is nothing worse than getting in your zone for a big lift only to have someone come over and interrupt you right as you grab the bar. Although the person’s actions or intentions may be harmless, you now have to start your routine up again. To avoid being the “interrupter,” make sure that someone is not preparing for or performing a lift before you approach them to talk. By doing this, you are not only respecting their time, but also helping them stay focused for their lift!

➔ Cell Phone Usage

Last but not least, let’s cover cell phone usage in the gym. We understand that having a cell phone at the gym can be useful whether it’s to listen to music or to use an online tracker. Even so, there is nothing more annoying than having someone sit on a piece of equipment scrolling through their phone or having a full blown conversation on it. It’s loud, distracting, and irritating to wait for a piece of equipment that someone is clearly not using, because they are staring at their phone. If you’d like to scroll through your phone or you have to take a call by all means please do, we just ask that you do it somewhere that is not interfering with other members’ workouts!

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