The Importance Of Correct Form

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Working out (whether using machines, free weights, etc.) is important to everyone’s health. Some are well versed in the gym scene, others may not be. Which leads people to the internet in order to look for alternative or new workout regimens. There are many great resources out there on new techniques, moves, workout programs, and advice on when you feel like you are in a slump. However, there are also many ones that could lead you down a path of incorrect form, use, and eventually injury or pain with movements.

The incorrect form is usually directed at females, many times because an Social Media Model/Influencer is showing a move that accentuates certain parts of her body. Not only are the forms incorrect, they are also potentially dangerous for others to duplicate. Incorrect form can lead to not building muscle how one would like, pain in movements both related and not to weight lifting, and possibly injury.

Many of the videos or pictures that are out there of the influencers are to “show” what you can achieve. But the way they are showing these moves are not correct. They are pulling in crowds of people to view their body verses actually showing a move that will properly use your muscles and properly help with your goals (whatever they may be). If you would see one of these influencers on the street, there is a good chance that their body does not look like they do on Instagram.

If you are unsure of the correct form, there are a few different ways that one could make sure they are doing a move correctly. One would be when you are at your gym or fitness center, ask a trainer or someone who works there. Many times they will know the right and wrong way to do the move, or they know where to find the correct form. Another option for this would be thorough on researching a move. There is information all over the internet, make sure you are looking in more than one place to verify that you are doing the move how it should be for the maximum benefit. Talking to another member of the gym is also a way to learn the correct move. If you see a person doing a move that you would like to learn, when they are done with their set, ask them if they could help. Many times, they are going to be willing to do this. It may not be right at that moment, but they could later.

Being a new comer to the gym scene is sometimes intimidating, but the only way to become better is to reach out, do your homework, and not be afraid of new routines. Social media influencers are always going to be out there, some are going to be giving you the correct form and movements, others are on there looking for the likes and views that they can get. Do not fall victim to the incorrect moves. Doing the correct form for every move is a sure way to help hitting your goals. Your body will thank you!  

++The picture is a local trainer who does many workout videos. If you are looking to change your routine in some way or add moves, follow her! She also corrects those Instagram Models that are showing the wrong movements! @ciepleythebest

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