Why Rest Days Are Just As Important As Working Out

Why rest days are just as important as working out:


  1. Rest prevents injury: if you push yourself too hard without a break your muscles and joints will suffer from overuse which can result in an injury.

  2. Your muscles need rest: each time you lift weights, you’re essentially tearing muscle fibers and without a proper rest period your immune system won’t repair and grow the muscle, therefore you won’t be getting the benefit of your training. One way to ensure your muscles are getting the proper rest they need is by staggering your muscle groups on different days.

  3. Your performance won’t dip:  If you take a day or two off from training it won’t set you back. It takes your body almost two weeks of inactivity before you will start losing a noticeable amount of progress.

  4. Overtraining affects sleep: too much exercise can actually put your body in a constant state of restlessness. If you notice that you have an increase in your resting heart rate then you should consider taking those rest days in order to bring that down.

  5. Immune system can overheat: heavy activity forces our immune systems to constantly activate to repair our muscles and joints. Without getting rest our immune system isn’t able to repair as much as our bodies need which will result in an injury.

  6. Mental health: rest helps prevent you from getting burnt out since you are able to take the time for your mind and body to recharge. The first mental adjustment to make is to understand and believe that you can take days off without affecting your goals.

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