Why BCAAs?

BCAAs trigger protein synthesis for greater muscle growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass during time off from exercise. It also aids in fat burning and glucose tolerance to keep you lean. They improve your hormone balance for greater strength, power, and endurance during intense training. BCAAs are also a great way to boost your protein intake which enhances strength gains from training. The best part of it all, they decrease soreness and accelerate recovery to allow you to train more frequently to reach your strength goal! Overall, they protect muscle tissue which is very important when working out!


The NFP BCAA products that we sell are metabolized directly into muscle tissue and utilized for immediate absorption, leading to greater gains with supplementation.

Unbreakable BCAAs with glutamine, potassium, and pyridoxine helps:

  • Increase Muscle Building
  • Repair and Maintain Existing Muscle Tissue
  • Lean Muscle Mass Preservation
  • Enhanced Power and Strength
  • Rapid Recovery

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