We pride ourselves on supporting our local supplement company, NFP.  They supply many different products such as:



IC Red - Pre Workout

Shred XD - Fat Burner/Thermogenic

Complete Protein Supplement

M5 Goliath Mass Gainer

Revolution 360 Post Workout

Activate Creatine Supplement

Unbreakable BCAAs Supplement

AndroTest 4X Testosterone Booster

FlexPro 4D Joint Support Supplement

REcoil Immunity and Recovery Vitamin Complex




They supply high quality products with no added fillers! They’ve tested and retested each of their products to ensure that you are getting products that are effective. They also work hard to get the flavoring just right in order to make their customers happy! NFP strives to keep their customers satisfied as well by having efficient shipping time with thoughtful handwritten thank you notes on each of their invoices. Little gestures like this really make a world of a difference! If you’re interested in any of the products above, please feel free to come into Premier Fitness to purchase them!

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