Woodway Curve

Introducing our latest and greatest piece of equipment! Powered entirely by the user which uses no electricity, intrigued yet? You should be! According to the makers of the Woodway Curve, this machine is supposed to burn 30% more calories than you would if you ran on an ordinary treadmill. This particular piece of equipment is unique because it doesn’t require any electricity to power it, therefore its ecofriendly!

What makes it different than any other ordinary treadmill? The Woodway curve is powered by the user’s legs which means its non-motorized. In order for the user to get their desired speed they either need to speed up or slow down which also means that there is no top speed for the runner! In addition to controlling the speed they are also able to engage more muscles which aids in a more effective workout than if they were on a conventional treadmill leading to more calories burned! By working on the Woodway Curve you’re able to push back to drive yourself forward which works your hamstrings. You are the energy that runs the machine so you are working muscles that you normally wouldn’t use on a regular treadmill which in return gives you the effect as if you are running outside.

Many people aren’t aware that when they run they sink back into their heels or stomp hard on the ground, but with the woodway curve you have to think about reaching further with each step to pull that belt forward in order to keep up your pace. Since the belt speeds up and slows down with the runner it makes for a useful tool when you’re training for short burst workouts. It’s also known that when you’re training for a marathon that you subconsciously speed up when you go past a cheering crowd or get close to the finish line. Training for these quick bursts will help prepare you for the race in order to keep you from getting fatigued.

So, how is it possible? The Woodway Curve is made from a rubber slatted belt which glides on 112 bearings that create minimal friction. The rubber surface is designed to absorb any harmful impact shock that may be hard on your joints without compromising any of the runner’s mechanics. Regular treadmills are not designed to absorb any impact shock which can leave the runner susceptible to injury. Another quick note to address is that since you are in control of the speed you won’t have to worry about getting shot off the back of it. If you stop, it stops too!

The Woodway Curve is already being used by professional sports teams, militaries, medical, and rehabilitation centers around the world and finally Premier Fitness has one! So..what’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Overall, what are the highlights?

  • Save 50% on electrical costs
  • Running surface lasts 150,000 miles without a single flip or swap
  • No belt or deck maintenance
  • Less downtime waiting for the machine to speed up
  • Burn 30% more calories compared to a conventional treadmill
  • Effective cardio solution while engaging more lower body muscles
  • Less injuries due to rubber slatted surface

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