Do you like working out?

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This post is for anyone who doesn't like working out. You don't like it because you have trained your mind to think that. Half the battle is getting you to believe that you can do it and the rest will fall into place. Here are 10 quick steps to help you get started and stick to working out.

1. Practice consistency: the more you follow a routine, the easier it'll be for you.

2. Take baby steps: no one expects you to lift a ridiculous amount. Come in and get information on how to use the equipment then apply it.

3. Pick a fun exercise: if you enjoy doing it, you'll want to do it.

4. Bring a friend & make it competitive: friends can help you stay motivated and it can be a healthy way to compete with them.

5. Get a personal trainer: expertise is always a smart way to go and can help you accomplish your results quicker.

6. Get a dog: having a dog can keep you moving through walking, playing, etc.

7. Look for recipes that are healthy, but still look appealing to you.

8. Get new workout clothes, shoes, etc: looking good is a part of feeling good and having something that you feel comfortable in will help you in the long run.

9. Make a workout playlist on your phone/iPod: this helps get you motivated and inspired.

10. Reward yourself: accomplishing goals whether they're big or small is a big deal and deserve the recognition.

Unlike the commercial gyms, Premier Fitness of Appleton is moving away from having televisions in our gym. It is not wrong to multitask, but realize that when you watch TV on a treadmill leisurely you burn considerably fewer calories, due to the lack of focused movement patterns, because you are holding onto the rails to stay tuned into TV. That means you have to stay on the equipment twice as long! Make your cardio efficient and push yourself to breathlessness. Sprint, climb or increase the pace even for a minute, then recover. The interval bursts do two great things for your body: they increase your aerobic capacity and burn more calories than steady-state work.

Don’t waste your time and effort when you can be seen as a healthier you in half the time.

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