Don’t be “that guy” by Bree Schmidt

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Every gym has them. The people that seem to think they are above the fitness laws. Do us all a favor and don’t be that guy, or girl who…

…doesn’t re-rack your weights. I’m all for warming up my muscles, but when I have to put away 8 plates before I even start my workout – I am not a happy camper. The pegs on the machines are labeled for a reason. Match the weight to the appropriate peg and no one gets hurt.

…hogs all the equipment. I know, I know! You’re trying to get in and out of the gym as fast as humanly possible – so you plan out one giant set to accomplish this. However, you are not the only person in the gym and other people have goals too. Be conscious of others training. Sharing is caring, my friends.

…doesn’t wipe down your equipment. No one wants to sit on the bench that you just left a snail trail on. This isn’t the filming of a Wham-O commercial, so leave the slip n slide tendencies at home. There are spray bottles and towels all over the place – CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.

…smells. One word: Bathe. Please. Cleanliness is next to gainliness. I’ll even share my deodorant or body spray with you.

…works out your mouth more than your muscles. Now now, I am not trying to say that the gym must be silent, because honestly – where’s the fun in that? But if I have my headphones in and you are trying to carry on a conversation with me while I’m mid-set … do you think I’m actually listening?

I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed at the gym. Let’s hear some of your gym horror stories!

Extra points if you snapped a picture of it!

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