Keiser – The End of All Resistance Bands by Bree Schmidt

I am officially a believer in the Keiser machine at Premier Fitness. I was able to try out the Keiser Leg Curl machine for my first time last week and I think today my legs are finally ready for round 2.

This machine is easy to use and really engages and isolates your hamstrings allowing for better mind muscle connection!

Anyone looking to take their fitness goals to the next level (hello booty gains) knows that resistance bands are a must. Not only are these bands easy to take with you anywhere, but they make for a great superset between a heavier lift. The reasons why the resistance bands are so beneficial are because they isolate the muscle you are trying to work.

But what happens when you reach a plateau with the bands? Enter Keiser Fitness Equipment! The Keiser machine uses air pressure to provide resistance. At any point within your exercise you can increase or decrease the levels. Slow and steady doesn’t win this race – the Keiser machine is safe to use at high-speeds because the air pressure resistance is smooth at any level. This machine supports those high-intensity workouts that we all need to take ourselves to the next level.

The resistance is controlled by the buttons on the handles. No more wasting time loading and un-loading clunky weights. I’m looking forward to leg day with my swolemate again! Maybe next time I can recruit him to take a picture so I don’t have to settle for this crooked selfie.

Get your booty (and hamstrings) to Premier Fitness and let us know what you think of the new machines! Happy Hump Day!

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