Fitness on the Road by Bree Schmidt

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Summertime = sunshine, vacations, and memories! Don’t let your vacation get in the way of your goals and gains that you work so hard for.

While it is important to focus on being in the moment and spending time with your family/friends, you still hate to derail all progress.

Here are my top 5 tips for sneaking fitness into your vacation:

1) Pack portable healthy snacks. Some of my favorite are: tuna packets, 100 calorie almonds, protein bars, beef jerky, rice cakes, instant oatmeal, dried fruit and now most gas stations have fresh veggies or my favorite: pickle pouches!! :-)

2) Chances are you'll be going out to eat on vacation. Take 5 minutes to google the restaurant before you head out the door. Most restaurants have their menus and nutrition information online. If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail!

3) Take advantage of your surroundings to get your exercise in. Add some steps to your daily total by doing some sight-seeing. Save the cab fare and walk instead! If you are staying at a hotel, there is typically an exercise facility you can use at no charge. If not, you can always ask the front desk for a day pass for a gym that is nearby.

4) STAY HYDRATED. When you travel, you don't always remember to drink as much water as you're used to. The extra weight gain from your additional treats could be from lack of water and increased sodium intake. Not only will you stay full longer, but your body will thank you. Cheers!

5) Last but certainly not least – do not stress! Moments & Macros. No trip to Appleton, Wisconsin is complete without a trip to Premier fitness. They’re open 24/7 to accommodate the busiest of schedules.

Safe travels!

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