It’s About Time for Fitness by Bree Schmidt

86,400 seconds. 1440 minutes. 24 hours. 1 day. Still think there isn’t enough time?

“I don’t have time” is the grown-up version of “the dog ate my homework.” When you want something bad enough, and your passion and determination overpowers your excuses, you will be successful.

We all have to start somewhere. The process can seem overwhelming. Maybe you don’t have the ability to make it to the gym as much as you would like, or prepping your meals seems like mission impossible.

Here are a FIVE lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your crazy life…. Starting today!

1. Park at the back of the parking lot – get some extra steps in throughout the day. Especially in these summer months … take advantage of that sun shine and those chirping birds!

2. DRINK MORE WATER – right now. I’ll give you a minute to reach for your water bottle and sip,sip,sip! Water is essential for a healthy life. It aids in weight loss, relieves headaches, flush out toxins, regulate body temperature and improves the look and feel of your skin. HELLLOOOO gorgeous!

3. Write it down – for anyone out there who loves making lists as much as I do, this one is for you! I am much more inclined to make time and stick to a plan when it’s written down. Take 5 minutes on Sunday to plan your workout schedule and goal(s) for the week.

4. Prep your food – this one is a GAME CHANGER. Preparing some foods in bulk at the beginning of the week sets you up for success. Go a step further and portion out the food into containers or bags and make this method a no-brainer for when you are short on time.

5. Netflix and no chill – Crank out a few body weight movements (sit ups, push-ups, squats, lunges) during the commercial breaks of your nightly TV show, or in between Netflix episodes.

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to see results. Just get started. The results will become addicting. You will start to find time in a day that you never knew you had. A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today. What are you waiting for? It’s about time!

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