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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - The Importance Of Correct Form

    The Importance Of Correct Form

    Working out (whether using machines, free weights, etc.) is important to everyone’s health. Some are well versed in the gym scene, others may not be. Which leads people to the internet in order to look for alternative or new workout regimens. There are many great resources out there on new techniques, moves, workout programs, and advice on when you feel like you are in a slump. However, there are also many ones that could lead you down a path of incorrect form, use, and eventually injury or pain with movements. The incorrect form is usually directed at females, many times because an Social Media Model/Influencer is showing a move that accentuates certain parts of her ....

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  • 9 Tips to Create Lasting Healthy Habits By: Tony Bednarowski

    In general, when it comes to engineering new healthy habits there are two really important factors that must be in place in order to reshape your environment:
    Make healthy behaviors convenient.
    Make other behaviors less convenient. Just changing what’s around you in small ways, you can make big changes without even thinking about them.
    Here are 9 awesome tips to help YOU reshape your environment – Hard Work and Willpower not required

    1. Keep trigger foods like ice cream, cookies, and chocolates out of the house
    Make “laziness” work in your favor by making it harder and more inconvenient to reach for unhealthy, low nutrient based, easy-to-overeat foods. If you ....

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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - Muscle Box

    Muscle Box

    Are you one of those people who have always fall into those monthly subscription boxes and end up being disappointed? I am one of those people who struggle to scroll past those ads on the different social media websites. There are some that I fall into and end up not liking or end up getting too many of the products, and always plan on canceling but forgetting until I get the next shipment. But then, there are some that I have fallen into and fell in love with. One of those is the Muscle Box, specifically the Miss Muscle Box (MB). The Miss MB is designed with the #chickswholift in mind. It gives you a chance to try different types of protein powder, bars, snacks, etc ....

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  • Exercise- Is It Really An Effective Weight Loss Method? By: Tony Bednarowski

    Most of us are inclined to believe that in order to lose weight we need to burn more calories than we consume. And while the premise of calories in vs. calories out seems quite logical is it really the way the human body works? Exercise falls under this (calories in/calories out) umbrella, if you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight. However, while it appears to help some people lose weight others are quite perplexed at its ineffectiveness to produce even satisfactory weight loss results.

    Exercise and Health
    First and foremost exercise is really great at boosting our health. In fact, It’s been proven that by participating in some sort of ....

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  • The Misconception Within The Alkaline Diet Theory By Tony Bednarowski

    While some of you may have never heard of the alkaline diet others may know it quite well or possibly even have tried it. Although there may be slight variations, the basic concept is similar, the foods we consume leave behind an ash residual after being metabolized. This ash will either be acidic or basic (alkaline) depending on what food-group it falls under. But, before we go any further, let’s do a little brush-up in high school biochemistry for those of you who may not remember the basis behind acid and alkalinity in relationship to pH. Perhaps you may recall that pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity (alkalinity) of a solution. If a solution is 7, ....

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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - The "Almighty" Plank By: Tony Bednarowski

    The "Almighty" Plank By: Tony Bednarowski

    Lie on the floor facing downward. Bend your elbows 90 degrees supporting your upper body on forearms. Elbows should be directly under your shoulders. Next, lift your pelvis and pick up lower body. The body should form a straight line from head to heels. Your body should now be supported in a “plank” with your forearms and your toes. You should look like a low coffee table with your forearms and feet being the table’s “legs.” Keep your body as straight as possible, strain the abdominal muscles and do not relax. Try not to lower your hips toward the floor. Feet – Keeping them together will create a balancing act that increases the ....

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  • Could Diets Actually Be Making Us Fat? By: Tony Bednarowski

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 13 percent of the world’s adult population is now obese. While the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than one-third or 35 percent of the American adult population is obese. So, it’s no wonder why diets have now become a mega-billion dollar global industry. ( 1 , 2 ) The diet industry now pulls in over $150 billion in annually profits in just the US and Europe alone. But, surprisingly, these profits are not only being generated by one select group, and in fact, this diet frenzy has now leaked across scores of groups, as diverse as obese and lean, teenagers and adults, ....

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  • 7 Nutrition Facts Backed By Science By: Tony Bednarowski

    There are many controversial topics when it comes to the world of nutrition. Numerous studies are published weekly about the latest breakthroughs on different foods, diet, supplements and health. Yet, most of these studies are done through an observational scope, which has limited value on their own, and results are often quite conflicting. However, there are a few facts in nutrition which are strongly backed by science and supported by systematic reviews, meta-analysis and randomized controlled trials — which happen to be the “gold standard” when it comes to studies.
    Here are 7 nutrition facts that are strongly backed by science

    1. High protein diets are beneficial ....

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  • Beginners Guide to Healthy Grocery Shopping by Tony Bednarowski

    Grocery shopping can be a difficult task even for the most organized person. Health goals are offset by the many tempting and unhealthy foods that seem to lurk in every aisle. Your first defense against those temptations is a grocery list. A grocery list is a handy tool that can help you navigate the store with ease and help you stick to your healthy eating plan. A well-thought-out grocery list is not only a memory aide, but it can also keep you on track, minimizing impulse buying while saving you money. This simple but important step to healthy grocery shopping will set you up for success even when you’re tight on time, helping you keep nutritious foods on hand to eat all ....

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  • Protein Powder- All You "Really" Need To Know By: Tony Bednarowski

    Protein is so incredibly important when it come to our bodies. In fact, except for water, protein is the most abundant substance used by the body. And while more advanced nutrition studies are now showing a compelling advantage of higher protein diets being linked to better overall body composition and metabolic health, many of us are still well below an optimal amount needed to support this. Although there is a fairly wide spectrum of opinions when it comes to just how much protein we actually need, a majority of the recommendations are far too low. ( 1 ) Protein, being the main building block of the body is found in every cell. And because our body is in a constant state of flux, ....

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