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  • Woodway Curve

    Introducing our latest and greatest piece of equipment! Powered entirely by the user which uses no electricity, intrigued yet? You should be! According to the makers of the Woodway Curve, this machine is supposed to burn 30% more calories than you would if you ran on an ordinary treadmill. This particular piece of equipment is unique because it doesn’t require any electricity to power it, therefore its ecofriendly! What makes it different than any other ordinary treadmill? The Woodway curve is powered by the user’s legs which means its non-motorized. In order for the user to get their desired speed they either need to speed up or slow down which also means that there is no ....

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  • Build Your Own Meal At Premier Fitness of Appleton!

    A lot of people do not have time to stop at the grocery store to pick up groceries and then make dinner, especially after a long day at work so they resort to fast food places that are quick and convenient. The problem with this is that you are not getting the necessary nutrients that your body needs in order to stay 100% healthy. On the bright side, Premier Fitness of Appleton has found a way to work with you in a quick, easy, and healthy way so you are not ruining that hard forty-minute workout you just fit into your busy schedule. Now, just because you put in the time to work out does not mean you can go eat whatever you want afterward. In order to maintain a healthy body weight and ....

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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - Do you like working out?

    Do you like working out?

    This post is for anyone who doesn't like working out. You don't like it because you have trained your mind to think that. Half the battle is getting you to believe that you can do it and the rest will fall into place. Here are 10 quick steps to help you get started and stick to working out. 1. Practice consistency: the more you follow a routine, the easier it'll be for you. 2. Take baby steps: no one expects you to lift a ridiculous amount. Come in and get information on how to use the equipment then apply it. 3. Pick a fun exercise: if you enjoy doing it, you'll want to do it. 4. Bring a friend & make it competitive: friends can help you stay motivated and it can be a healthy way ....

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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - Multi Tasking At a Gym?

    Multi Tasking At a Gym?

    Unlike the commercial gyms, Premier Fitness of Appleton is moving away from having televisions in our gym. It is not wrong to multitask, but realize that when you watch TV on a treadmill leisurely you burn considerably fewer calories, due to the lack of focused movement patterns, because you are holding onto the rails to stay tuned into TV. That means you have to stay on the equipment twice as long! Make your cardio efficient and push yourself to breathlessness. Sprint, climb or increase the pace even for a minute, then recover. The interval bursts do two great things for your body: they increase your aerobic capacity and burn more calories than steady-state work. Don’t waste your ....

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  • Trick or Treat by Bree Schmidt

    Halloween only happens once a year; so hear me when I say that extra candy bar (or 12) isn't going to kill you. That being said - no one likes to stall their progress. Here are a few pieces of candy and some exercise ideas to burn them off: Take your sweet tooth over to Premier Fitness and trick-or-treat at the Barbender's Cafe after your workout! You can customize your own smoothie, or try one of the many flavors already created. The chocolate peanut butter tastes just like a Reese's Peanut butter cup but packs "whey" more protein! The shake contains 366 calories: 13 grams fat, 27 grams carbs, and 40 grams of protein compared to the candy which has 13 grams of fat, 24 carbs and only ....

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  • Keiser Fitness Equipment Sneak Peak with Bree Schmidt

    Check out today's sneak peak video of the newest Keiser resistance machine at Premier Fitness of Appleton! The quality of the video might be low, but the pump was REAL! If you're ready to take your training to a new level, this is a MUST! The video demonstrates only ONE of hundreds of exercises that this machine allows. We will be shooting a full workout video on this machine in the upcoming weeks. If there are specific lifts or body parts you would want to target - let us know! Sick of the rain in today's forecast? Head over to get a day pass at Premier Fitness and soak in the gains instead! Don't forget to refuel at the Barbender's Cafe after your workout. Sun or rain - we ....

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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - Abs may be made in the kitchen, but gains are made in the Barbender cafe!

    Abs may be made in the kitchen, but gains are made in the Barbender cafe!

    This week, Justin Talbot shows us how he preserves his hard earned muscle by making a post workout protein smoothie using the fresh ingredients and NFP supplement line at Premier Fitness. Post workout nutrition is vital because throughout your workout, our muscles are being broken down over and over again. As you can see, the most effective post workout meal includes fast digesting carbs (banana), protein (NFP whey Protein, plain Greek yogurt) and minimal fat ( >1 tablespoon peanut butter). Fruit punch branch chain amino acids also help preserve muscle and increase recovery time! Check out all the flavor options at Premier today! ....

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  • Fitness Gym Membership in Appleton - Premier Fitness Of Appleton LLC - Don’t be “that guy” by Bree Schmidt

    Don’t be “that guy” by Bree Schmidt

    Every gym has them. The people that seem to think they are above the fitness laws. Do us all a favor and don’t be that guy, or girl who… …doesn’t re-rack your weights. I’m all for warming up my muscles, but when I have to put away 8 plates before I even start my workout – I am not a happy camper. The pegs on the machines are labeled for a reason. Match the weight to the appropriate peg and no one gets hurt. …hogs all the equipment. I know, I know! You’re trying to get in and out of the gym as fast as humanly possible – so you plan out one giant set to accomplish this. However, you are not the only person in the gym and other people ....

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